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St Michael Lutheran School

3595 Broadway
Fort Myers, FL 33901-8088

(239) 939-1218


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Early training is the most significant training children receive. An early childhood experience permeated by Christianity provides children with added richness. Not only are their mental, emotional, social and physical needs recognized but also their spiritual needs. The result will be children with well-rounded Christian personalities who acknowledge the daily presence of Christ in their lives. The preschool usually represents a child’s first separation from home and first experience with a peer group; therefore, young children have a lot of social learning to do. In the cocoon of preschool, children can grow from their self-centered world of \"I\" to the world of interaction, \"we\". They will learn through exploring and
inquiring to solve their problems. Play is the work that children do. Much of their motor play is preparatory to later cognitive development. In stacking blocks, they learn spatial relationships, balance and the law of gravity. In climbing, swinging and running, they learn motor and perceptual coordination, which is essential in fine motor development. By taking advantage of the many innovations in early childhood teaching techniques and materials, a solid foundation can be laid for future school years. By freeing children from inhibitions, they learn to express themselves. In short, preschool can open young children’s awareness of their Lord’s world and stir their inquisitiveness so as to make an eager learner in their preschool year."
Excerpted from the preschool's website