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Radebach School For Constructive Learning

2425 38th Ave W
Bradenton, FL 34205

(941) 752-1715


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"At the Radebach School every effort is made to make learning intriguing, interesting and rewarding. We strive for young minds to enjoy learning and for learning to become self-fulfilling. We believe learning occupies the mind. At the Radebach, we help guide thinking toward peaceful pursuits. We strongly believe that appropriate cerebral activity focuses attention and a settled attention span allows the mind to expand. This is one of the seeds to personal developmental growth. We focus on the development of learning to become a way of life. At the Radebach School, "how to learn" is given as much priority as "what to learn" and we understand and accept that all minds learn differently. We help develop the necessary skills needed for all types of minds to learn and flourish. We pride ourselves on having the patience, knowledge and techniques to educate all types of learners, personalities and behaviors. We associate learning with enjoyment so learning like playful pursuits becomes mentally integrated as pleasurable. Once established, the joy of learning is indelible and an open mind becomes a lifetime habit
Excerpted from the preschool's website