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The Lane Day School

3101 Millcreek Road
Wilmington, DE 19808

(302) 998-7233


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Children are a "tabula rasa" (blank slate) on which events write their lessons in the form of knowledge. This knowledge consists of associations, a set of connections between events that occur together in time and space. The first preschool experience is a critical event in every child's life. The Lane Day School offers every child a challenging and nurturing "first experience". Understanding the individual differences in every child is a necessary component in the education of each and every child we have the privilege to work with. Self Esteem and overall confidence are at the foundation of every good student. Every child is praised for his/her efforts, however large or small they may be. Beginning at age 2, a child is developing an opinion of his/her self. This opinion is based upon what he/she can do and how others react to their efforts. Our approach to each child is as unique as they are. If every child who "graduates" from The Lane Day School is ready and enthusiastic about kindergarten, there will be success for all of us!
Excerpted from the preschool's website