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Babes On The Square

1818 Delaware Ave
Wilmington, DE 19806-2334

(302) 777-5007


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Babes on the Square was designed for the children who will be spending much of their parent's workweek with us. We understand that it isn't always easy for small children to be away from their homes and the comforts that Mom and Dad provide. Our staff is dedicated to the concept that each child be made to feel an important and vital part of our center.
Our staff believes that children benefit most from exposure to a variety of stimulating experiences and materials. We believe that all children, especially those under six years of age, require nurturing and age appropriate expectations. While it is a goal to ready your child to enter grade school, we recognize
that pre-school aged children require a comforting atmosphere and a home-like approach to their daily activities.
Every child at Babes on the Square will be exposed to a variety of pre-school programs taught and directed by a qualified and experienced teacher. Throughout the day your child will stay with their teacher and their group of peers. This familiarity encourages bonds to form and creates a sense of stability
and assurance.
We would like our center to be a home away from home for your child. We have 7 classrooms.
Each classroom has 1 teacher and at least 1 assistant teacher. We maintain a low teacher/child ratio.
Each morning and afternoon we hold open activities for all of the children in the center. This allows socialization and interaction amongst children of different ages. Mixed age interaction replicates family structure and creates camaraderie, which is comforting to small children. In addition, exposure to younger or less
developed students encourages nurturing and use of leadership skills. Interaction with more developed students allows your child to advance their own skills and abilities by patterning and emulation.
We recognize that these are your child's formative years. We recognize that your child will be learning from our staff and from one another just as if they were at home. We strongly believe that good manners, common courtesy, and consideration for others will serve a child well throughout the course of their life. We strive to practice those virtues at all times within our center. We will try to encourage your child toward compassion by being compassionate ourselves.
We hope that our center can suit your needs in finding the special care your children deserve.
Excerpted from the preschool's website