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General Approach to Learning: Montessori

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General School Mission

"The preschool program at the Montessori Center is based on the concept that the child's early years, from birth to six, are the most formative. Gradual, sequential learning at this stage is a natural function for children, both effortless and challenging, and it is with great ease and fun that children work at forming their own potential in a prepared environment.

The choice of equipment, materials, and games are purposeful, aesthetically designed, logically planned, and aid in responsibility, self-esteem, and a firm foundation for reading, writing, mathematics, geography and science. Yet, throughout the Montessori program, the process is as important as the content.

The Montessori method is centered in the idea that a child has periods of sensitivity in his/her formative years in which he/she will pursue certain activities with great energy until their particular needs are fulfilled. The correct materials for each sensitive period are presented to the child when they are ready. Once the child introduced to the material, he/she is free to work alone or in small groups, and choose freely that activity which interested him/her and satisfied his/her own needs.

As a result, the Montessori classroom becomes a small community of children of mixed ages, who are able to move freely in a child-size world finding those activities which are most suited to their needs and individual development. The atmosphere is non-competitive, but, spontaneous, and filled with purposeful activity. The child participates in this world of the classroom community with the same seriousness as the adult does in his/her world.

The Montessori program is not only academic, but offers the children opportunities for a balance of exercises in tactile experiences, listening skills, the sharing of personal experiences through art and language including social graces and encounters.

Excerpted from the preschool's website