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Nitzan Nursery School-beth El

109 East Ave
Norwalk, CT 06851-5013

(203) 838-6019


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General School Mission

" Congregation Beth El seeks to foster commitment to the tenets of Conservative Judaism in a way that encourages the participation and inclusion of all members. Our synagogue serves as a religious center where the Rabbi and congregation are partners in promoting Jewish values in daily life.
As a Beit Tefilah, or House of Prayer, Beth El provides our membership with spiritual nourishment and worship that envolves all of our community.
As a Beit Knesset, or House of Gathering, we endeavor to meet the needs of contemporary Jewish families and individuals. We are committed to being the Haimishe Shul by welcoming Jews of all backgrounds and from all generations.
As a Beit Midrash, or House of Study, Beth El provides relevant and intellectually stimulating Hebrew, Judiac, and family educational programs where children and adults are challenged to learn and grow.
We believe in G'milut Hasadim, acts of loving kindness. Through recognition of our ethical responsibilities to our membership and to the community at large we contribute to repairing the world-Tikkun Olam.
We are committed to Klal Israel, the greater Jewish family, and particularly to Medinat Israel- the State of Israel. For all of the challenges we face and all of the things that separate Jews from each other, we are and must remain one people joined together in history, destiny and family.
We are part of proud members of the worldwide Conservative/Masorti movement: committed to an egalitarian, open exploration of Judaism while remaining faithful to the tradition of our ancestors.
Excerpted from the preschool's website