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Community Cooperative Nursery School Inc

4 Trolley Place PO Box 95
Norwalk, CT 06853

(203) 866-2184


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

""We, who are parents and teachers of young children, unite to build the Community Cooperative Nursery School, Inc. We hold the following purposes as fundamental to our school:
To provide a living experience in democracy for our children, with a varied inter-racial student body, with mutual respect for individual contributions and with a healthy emphasis upon cooperative group life.
To provide a secure, relaxed and creative atmosphere in which the individual child, each according to their own capacities and with evident emotional satisfaction, can expand their immediate environment, can develop the physical and intellectual skills appropriate to their young individual needs and can mature socially among their peers.
To provide adequate materials and equipment, trained guidance and a well-balanced and flexible program, which will ensure optimal learning experience.
To provide good health and safety standards.
To provide for us, as parents and teachers, a growing understanding of our children, and to provide guidance in our care of our children.
"To this end we are formed into a nonprofit cooperative where, by fundraising and scholarships and by planned parent work in and for the nursery, a low-tuition school with high educational standards can be made accessible to families of widely ranging incomes, regardless of race, color, or religious creed."
Excerpted from the preschool's website