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Little People Of Southbury

1625 Straits Turnpike
Middlebury, CT 06762

(203) 595-3100


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We at Little People, are committed to a program that will encourage young children to grow and utilize their intellectual and creative potential. The physical and emotional needs of your child will always be our priority.

Play is one way young children learn. It will be used to challenge the children to reach realistic, age appropriate goals. It will also be used to help young children develop habits of observation, questioning and listening.

There will be plenty of time to listen to your children, and get to know them for that special little person that they are! We will encourage your children to make free choices, provided these choices stay within the limits of consideration for other people. The most important goal of all will be that each child have a "happy day".

The staff at Little People are Teachers, Parents and Caretakers. Associates have been chosen for their sincere desire to work with young children. We all love children and enjoy being with them. From time to time we have left our little ones in the care of others. We use this experience to create an environment like the one we expected for our own children, for yours.

We see families these days with many stresses on them, and so little time to be together. By the time the children reach kindergarten they must be ready to learn reading, and be able to interact appropriately, with adults and peers! It is very important for them to know how to relate to their peers, and the world around them.

Our program will not be overly rigid, but one that will provide your child with time to be a child! We will let your children mature at a rate that is right for them. Your children are your most important priority, and we will provide them with a happy, safe and loving environment.

We have a deep respect and concern for your children. They are our hope for tomorrow. Little People will be your child's home-away-from-home. Only a positive, cooperative parent-staff relationship can insure the quality child care that your children deserve! Never hesitate to ask questions concerning your child. You may call us at any time with concerns you may have. Please feel free to make unannounced visits to the Center, at any time.

Excerpted from the preschool's website