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Alphabet Academy Llc

605 Benham St
Hamden, CT 06514-2655

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"At Alphabet Academy we focus our efforts on developing the whole child; social and emotional development, cognitive development, speech and language development, fine and gross motor development, as well as logical-mathematical intelligence, creative expression through art, music, drama and dance and nutritional awareness. The preschool curriculum guides our teachers to incorporate:

1. Social and Emotional Development
• Be aware of the child's emotions
• Recognize emotions as an opportunity for intimacy and teaching
• Listening emphatically and validating the child's feelings
• Helping the child to verbally label emotions
• Setting limits while helping the child to problem solve

2. Cognitive Development
• Provide a literature rich environment where the child has opportunities for engaging story times in both group and one-on-one settings
• Daily opportunities for various types of writing activities with and without assistance from tracing to creating classroom stories
• Providing access for children to explore various types of printed materials that include a wide range of topics
• Phonological awareness is developed through rhyming, word games, I Spy, poems, songs, finger plays and “letter of the week�

3. Speech and Language Development
• Provide various opportunities throughout the day for both verbal and nonverbal communication
• Engage in classroom discussions, question and answer sessions, retelling of daily events and personal stories
• Encourage and facilitate discussions between peers and other students
• Incorporate multilingual intelligence by introducing Spanish words, stories, phrases and songs.
• Provide real life situations in which speech is encouraged and rewarded (field trips)
4. Fine and Gross Motor Development
• Fine motor skills are enhanced throughout the daily schedule by incorporating cutting, gluing, tearing, drawing, buttoning, zippering as well as hand washing and eating with utensils.
• Gross motor skills are incorporated by running, jumping, hopping, dancing, swinging and climbing. We create experiences that foster a variety of skills; balance, strength, coordination and structure. These range from well known childhood games to new and exciting adventures.

5. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
• Skills are enhanced by providing various materials that foster the concepts of size, shape, color, patterns, numbers and ratios.
• Understanding the concept of time, measurement and quantity are infused throughout the day through everyday conversation and exposure to various and repetitive activities.
• Exposure to simple math (adding, subtracting and division) and conventional time telling tools (clock and calendar) are a major part of our curriculum.

6. Music/Drama/Dance/Art
• Children are exposed to many different types of music throughout the day. We use music as a way of expression and as a facilitator of quiet times. Our musical selections range from Mozart and Bach to Spanish Ballads and the Wiggles.
• Children are encouraged to act out things they may have heard in a book or a song as well as acting for their peers during a game of charades. As a culminating experience in June, we have a yearly play put on by the preschoolers for their peers, parents, guardians and other Alphabet Academy students.
• Dance and movement are a great way to express your feelings and we regularly provide times for the children to move. Our use of musical instruments help children learn and acquire knowledge about beat, rhythm, tone and volume.
• Multi-step art projects are incorporated into our daily schedule. Skills are developed that foster artistic expression, artistic appreciation and creative thinking. Many art related materials are at the children's disposal throughout the day; glue, assorted paper, crayons, pipe cleaners, pencils, wooden sticks, markers, pom poms, etc.
7. Nutritional Awareness
• Through a hands on approach we examine and discuss the food guide pyramid; food groups, healthy choices and serving sizes.
• The children engage in tasting various types of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and grains. These types of activities are followed up with discussions, graphs and charts.
• As a culminating experience during our nutrition unit we have a Healthy Eaters field trip to our local Shaw's Supermarket.
• Alphabet Academy provides two nutritionally appropriate snacks at regularly established times throughout the day that meet U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Adult Care Food Program (ACFP) guidelines.
• All foods and beverages brought from home are labeled with the child's name and the date and we ask that parents provide a daily freezer pack in their child's lunchbox. "
Excerpted from the preschool's website