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Our Savior Lutheran Church

56 Meadows Dr
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147-7662

(970) 731-4668


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We believe that Our Savior Lutheran School exists to assist parents, in our congregation and in our community, in the raising of their children in the nurture and teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. In doing so we seek to give glory to Almighty God in each and every area of the curriculum and in the way in which our students experience life on a day-to-day basis at our school.

We believe that both the content in each discipline and the process by which that content is learned is of critical importance. We desire to identify and utilize each student's individual learning style so that his learning efforts will be optimized. We believe in challenging each student to perform at his highest possible level in harmony with the God-given gifts, talents and abilities he has received. While we recognize that we do not have the resources to serve students of every possible ability level, we seek to serve as wide a range of ability levels in our students that our resources permit.

We believe that every Christian community is centered on worship. Therefore, we intend to provide daily worship opportunities for all of our students. This will be done through daily morning devotions in each classroom and at our weekly chapel services. Prayers, songs, and meditations will comprise the content of our worship experiences.

As members of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, we join together with the over 2,000 other Lutheran schools in our nation and with the more than 200,000 children enrolled in this largest, Protestant, Christian school system in the nation. We rejoice in our participation in this massive endeavor to provide a solid educational foundation for children grounded in the Christian faith and we are blessed to draw on the excellent resources that such a large system provides.

Excerpted from the preschool's website