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Saint Andrew Children's Learning Center

3350 White Bay Dr
Littleton, CO 80126

(303) 794-2683


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Our purpose is not only to prepare for tomorrow, but to make the most of today. We believe that a young child wants to learn. We provide the opportunity for your child's learning skills to expand while having marvelous fun! Your child will learn to share toys, attention and time while learning to get along with other children and adults. Music will be experienced through listening, singing, dancing and responding to rhythms. Your child will have the opportunity to express individual ideas and feelings through developmentally age appropriate activities.
Children will gain a new security and independence in the world outside their own home. Your child will meet many people contributing to an overall sense of well-being as well as group belonging.
Children will play, because play is a child's work. Play is the way children learn best, and we provide equipment and guidance for optimum learning experiences in the child's world.
Your child will learn that they are unique and special individuals to be valued. Development of a good self-image, positive self esteem, and person worth will be encouraged.
We value the trust you have shown in choosing St. Andrew Children's Learning Center for your child. The CLC office is always open. Please feel free to stop by for any reason.
Excerpted from the preschool's website