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Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

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General School Mission

"Seeing the need for more professionally staffed quality youth activities, GJGA began to diversify, adding other children's fitness, recreational and educational programs. The addition of a dance studio, climbing gym, indoor soft playground and private party rooms in 1995-6 pushed us over the building's capacity. In January, 1999, we designed and constructed a 31,500 square foot KidzPlex facility and now employ more than 70. We are now well into the initial stages of developing KidzPlex facilities and programs around Western Colorado, and hope to be able to spread this business idea across the country!
KidzPlex owners and board of directors are Christians and want to give glory to God for blessing us and all children with a facility and business such as this. It truly is a miracle that this facility was even constructed. There have been, and still are many roadblocks to this project. Every time we hit a dead end a miracle happens. This has only served to increase our faith and know God is in control. KidzPlex is the Lord's and we are only stewards of it.
Excerpted from the preschool's website