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Trinity Baptist Preschool

Po Box 1116
Edwards, CO 81632-1116

(970) 926-5707


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Trinity Church Preschool program will provide a quality Christian environment for preschool children to learn and grow, as a service to the church and community.
Preschool is the first exposure of your child to formal education. The program's primary objective is to encourage and support the development of the child by providing opportunities for self-exploration and discovery within a Christian environment. Our program seeks to understand the needs of each child and to prepare them for later school experience.
A creative preschool program promotes development of the child both as an individual personality and as a member of a social group. The child discovers the joy of working out ideas, which is the basis for independent thinking. Your child will learn to respect the ideas and abilities of others, which is essential in a democratic society. A child is always learning and developing, for play is the work of young children. A child naturally learns through play experiences. Each child learns only that for which he/she is developmentally ready.
A variety of special programs are also planned for the children, and family involvement is encouraged for these and the regular functions of Trinity Church, as well.
SPIRITUAL--To help each child grow in his/her knowledge of God as He has revealed His love through Jesus Christ by use of the Bible.
EMOTIONAL--To help the child:
Gradually mature in emotional responses
Properly express emotional feelings
Face and overcome emotional situations
Develop positive self-esteem
Be concerned for each other
MENTAL--To help the child:
Do independent thinking
Broaden his/her range of interest
Develop good speech patterns
Grow in ability to concentrate
Advance abilities for self-expression
Expand abilities to listen and carry out directions
PHYSICAL--To help each child:
Develop large and small muscles
Establish good health habits
Know and follow simple rules of safety
Kevin & Jill Bossow
SOCIAL--To help each child:
Care for others
Play well with others
Share with others
Properly care for materials
Participate in-group activities
Complete activities
Clean up neatly
Be a good helper
Rest quietly

Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

Daily Schedule (subject to change)
9:00 AM Arrival
9:15AM Good morning circle and Bible story
9:45AM Snack time
10:00AM Small Groups
10:15AM Work Time (play time)
11:15 AM Theme circle
11:40 AM Lunch
12:10 PM Outside Time (getting dressed for skiing)
1:15 PM Story/Bathroom
1:30 PM Nap
3:00 PM Wake Up/Pick Up Cubby Area
3:20 PM Snack
3:30 PM Movement/Goodbye Circle
3:50 PM Dismissed for Parent Pick Up
Excerpted from the preschool's website