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Rainbow Child Care Center

3485 Stanford Court
Boulder, CO 80305

(303) 499-3038


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We offer opportunities for development, through first hand experiences and personal exploration.
There is a special emphasis on gross motor activities, language development, reading to children, interaction between children and staff.
We permit plenty of time for imaginative play by ones self, in pairs or small groups, as well as time and space for active physical play and time, too, for just resting.
Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"7:30 - 8:00AM Mornings start out mellow with music and soft lights. There's an art project on the art table with other sit-down type activities available.
8:00 to 10:00AM Tempo picks up and most kids arrive during this time. It's free choice and all ages play together. This is a time when children often ask a teacher to read to them. The Art Room is popular and usually the Big Room is hopping!
9:45AM Clean-up Time and everyone helps
10:00 AM Circle time. All of the children sit together and usually sing songs but sometimes do movement tapes or play Duck Duck Goose.
10:15 AM Wash hands and have snack with child's group
10:40 AM Stories with just the child's group. These stories are chosen specifically for your child's age group (ei youngest group may read books similar to Poky Little Puppy and the oldest group may be reading books similar to Charlotte's Web (a chapter a day).
After stories each group begin's a group-time activity. These activities include but are not limited to; Gross Motor, Field Trips, Rhythm, Fine Motor, Science, Creative, Cognitive, Cooking, and Crafts.
The length of group-time varies - It is determined by attention span, interest and complexity. After group-time children have free choice again but are asked not to interrupt other groups still in progress.
11:45AM Outside Time
12:30 PM Story time in the Couch Room with everyone together followed by hand washing and lunch with child's group.
1:00PM Lunch is over and children have three jobs. 1) Use the bathroom/wash hands 2) Get their mat ready (blanket, stuffed animal) 3) Get to their story group
1:15 PM Stories with childs' group
1:35 PM (1:45-2 for oldest group) Nap time, backs rubbed, soft music
2:20 PM Those who do not fall asleep go into the Couch Room for stories
2:45 PM These same kids may go into the Art Room for art activities.
3:00 PM Wake up time, free choice of activity
3:30 PM Circle time similar to morning Circle
3:50 PM Wash hands and snack time with group
4:10 PM Group time - activities are posted
4:30 PM Free Choice
4:45 PM Shoe time (most kids get picked up during this time)
5:00 PM Story time (all ages together)
5:20 Quiet time, sit down, mellow activity at the Loft Room table

Excerpted from the preschool's website