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The Little School House

270 Mark West Station Road
Windsor, CA 95492

(707) 527-8118


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Infant/Toddler Specific Philosophy

The Little School House offers center-based infant and toddler care to families. This program caters to the needs of each individual child. Infant/toddler care is on a one teacher to four infant ratio. When enrolling in the program, an infant-needs plan is written with the caregiver and parent together. At this time, the parent imparts the child's home routine (napping, eating, etc.) and his/her individual needs. Then the same plan is carried out in the classroom for continuity of care for the child.

Additionally, as the child develops and the relationship with the caregiver forms, the teacher will become sensitive to the child's unspoken needs and will able to guess as to what they need and want. The classroom environment is designed to provide opportunity for stimulation, rest and feeding, as well a warm and caring interaction between adult and child. Our staff is well trained on health and safety practices, including but not limited to sanitary diapering, food preparation, First Aid and C.P.R. training. The head teacher and director are also trained in infant/toddler care. It is our goal to give our infants and toddlers the best possible experience to start their young life.

Preschool Specific Philosophy

The Little School House provides a learning center and a play-planned environment in which children are encouraged to explore and learn about the world around them. The Little School House, located on a large country-like lot, creates opportunities to run, garden, and learn about nature. We offer many enrichment programs such as community visitors, field trips, as well as music and movement group activities. Our focus is on the development of the "whole child." This is done through thoughtful creation of weekly curriculum themes. We foster language through puppetry, flannel stories, singing, and reading books to the children.
Through art, creativity emerges. By encouraging dramatic play the child grows socially. When cutting, lacing and during outdoor play, the child can develop large and fine motor skills. Using manipulations, puzzles and blocks, we facilitate the child's understanding of cognitive concepts. At The Little School House our children are prepared for kindergarten, socially and academically, through hands-on "learn by doing" techniques.

Excerpted from the preschool's website