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Kira's House Nursery School

Tracy, CA 95376

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Through my many years of early childhood education and nursery school experience, I have come to believe in a program that allows each child to develop all facets of their person. This includes meeting the cognitive, social, physical and emotional needs of each child. I have developed a well-rounded program that addresses these needs in a variety of situations.
An integral part of my program is play. Piaget and many other child development experts have said that play is a child's work. Research on play has found that it develops emotional, cognitive, creative, language and social skills of children (Play and Early Childhood Development, J. Johnson, J. Christie, T. Yawkey 1987). By setting up an environment with age appropriate material and a variety of open-ended activities, I will provide an arena for this development.
Introduction to literacy is another part of the program. Through storytelling, books, songs, finger plays and drama, the child is introduced to the language of story and the world of literature. Children will be exposed to print in the context of their everyday experiences such as dictating a story, following a recipe or playing office.
Nursery school is often the first opportunity children have to interact with their peers in a group environment. The first seeds of cooperation and understanding lie in the give and take, trial and error ways of working and playing with others. Guidance is given through positive suggestion, example and reasoning.
Developing a healthy self-esteem is also an important part of the nursery school experience. Children gain a sense of self worth and become more self reliant. They get a feeling of security and adequacy through the many experiences of being accepted and valued as individuals.
It is my hope that you and your child will be enriched by your experiences here at Kira's House Nursery School. My staff and I value each child's individuality, striving not to compare, but to appreciate the precious rhythm of each ones growth. We do not attempt to replace the priority of the home and its environment, but rather seek to supplement and enrich your child's experiences during this amazing period in their life.

Excerpted from the preschool's website

A Typical Day

"8:45-9:30/12:15-1:00 Free Play
Children are greeted and invited to PLAY! They may choose from
any of the available activities: dramatic play, blocks, puzzles
play dough and other manipulatives.
9:30-9:50/1:00-1:20 Circle Time
During this time the children join a teacher on the rug for
calendar, weather, songs, finger plays and to read and write
9:50-10:00/1:20-1:30 Restroom/Hand washing
10:00-10:15/1:30-1:45 Snack
Snack is served family style. Children participate by setting
the table, serving themselves, helping clean up spills and
clearing their place when finished.
10:15-10:45/1:45-2:15 Outside Play
Children will play outside everyday unless it is raining.
They can choose to play ball, climb, run, swing etc. or
participate in a teacher directed activity. There will also
be planned walking trips to the neighborhood park to play.
10:45-11:15/2:15-2:45 Centers
Children move freely from center to center, following
their interests. There is one teacher directed activity
and several other self-guided activities offered each day.
11:15-11:30/2:45-3:00 Music/Movement
Children are guided in song and or movement.
11:30-11:40/3:00-3:10 Good-Bye Circle Time
A transition from school to home. A time to wind down
with a story or song and get ready to go home.

11:40-11:45/3:10-3:15 Pick Up
Children are prepared to go home and walked to the courtyard.
Excerpted from the preschool's website