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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Our mission is to inspire students to achieve an excellent academic education by offering a challenging curriculum focused on core subjects, creating a safe and disciplined school environment conducive to learning, and motivating students through high expectations.
Educational Philosophy
At Stratford School, we believe the most important influence in the life of a child is his or her family. Indeed, the best education in the world can not substitute for loving parents who are actively involved in the lives of their children.
While the family’s influence is paramount, education is also critical. Children love to learn, and the earlier and more often we give them the opportunity to acquire knowledge, the greater their growth will be. This is true of an infant learning to walk or a preschooler learning the alphabet. Each strives to learn something new, and as they eventually succeed, they experience the joy of achievement and endeavor for more. This yearning to move forward and make progress is fundamental to the process of education.
Over time, education enables us to know and understand ourselves and the world around us. It helps us to develop our uniquely human ability to reason and ultimately, to judge what is right and wrong and how to live our lives. This alone makes the pursuit of education worth the effort.
At Stratford, the pursuit begins with an assertion that achieving an excellent academic education is not dependent on natural mental ability, but on the right learning environment. Providing the best possible learning environment is our first priority at Stratford. We do this by focusing on the following principles as highlighted in our mission statement:
A mastery of core academic subjects provides the strongest foundation for future learning.
Discipline and structure in the classroom enable students to focus on learning and teachers to focus on teaching.
High expectations lead to high levels of achievement.
The success of Stratford depends on the people of Stratford.
Challenging Curriculum
At Stratford, our curriculum provides a challenging and well-rounded academic program for all our students. The curriculum is based on high standards and is heavily weighted toward core subjects, particularly language arts and mathematics. By focusing on core subjects, we teach basic academic skills that are the primary building blocks of education. We help our preschool students develop a strong learning foundation and prepare our elementary students to excel in high school at the college preparatory level.
Discipline in the Classroom
In simple terms, students are in school to learn, and teachers are there to teach. The ability of both to be successful is largely tied to the level of structure and discipline in the classroom. An undisciplined classroom will not result in an adequate level of student learning. Indeed, the difference between a high and low performing class often is related to the difference between a teacher who effectively manages the classroom and one who does not. Teachers who establish an expectation that students are to be well-behaved will be rewarded with well-behaved students. Students are equally rewarded since they are the beneficiaries of a classroom environment conducive to learning.
High Expectations
Children are incredibly gifted and capable learners. Their young brains are truly like sponges in their capacity to absorb knowledge. Unfortunately, schools too often underestimate children by having arbitrarily low expectations. The result can be unmotivated, bored students who fail to meet even sub-par standards. The Stratford solution is high expectations for each and every student. Through constant praise and positive reinforcement, Stratford teachers challenge children to do their best. In the process, Stratford students experience the deep sense of joy and achievement that comes from honest effort and hard work. This ethic is embodied in our motto, Summa spes, summa res, literally "High hopes, high things."
People Make the Difference
The success of Stratford depends on the people of Stratford. Only by attracting teachers, principals, and parents who share a passion for our mission and a common belief in our principles will we successfully inspire our students to achieve an excellent academic education."
Excerpted from the preschool's website