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Summerfield Waldorf School & Farm

655 Willowside Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

(707) 575-7194


Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Waldorf

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General School Mission

"Mission Statement
Based on a developmental understanding of the learning process and a view of the child that takes human spirituality seriously, Summerfield Waldorf School offers students a comprehensive learning environment designed to challenge and support them in strengthening their cognitive, emotional and intentional abilities. We strive to support
the growth of social awareness and active tolerance, and to give students the experiential background they need to meet new challenges in a creative and responsible manner.
School-wide Learning Goals
Each student who graduates from Summerfield will have:
a clear sense of his/her strengths and weaknesses, gifts and challenges, and will have developed the tools to work with them.
a solid understanding of the methods of, and contemporary issues in, the areas of science, mathematics, history, language and the social sciences. In addition, s/he will have attained basic proficiency in a foreign language.
explored various fields of artistic expression and gained a high level of proficiency in at least one of these.
gained a sense of contemporary social issues as well as a basic understanding of how they have come into being. Ideally, the two together have come to life enough within the student's soul so that s/he has a sense of social responsibility and the tools to live accordingly.
had the opportunity to explore, in depth, those questions which lie at the foundation of human experience - life, death, friendship, spirituality, and vocation.
acquired life skills in interpersonal communication and conflict management, decision-making, parenting, time management, the art of entertainment, and the ability to play.
gained the ability to form judgments independently. This means that s/he will not only have learned what to think but, more importantly, will have acquired the skills of thinking and can apply these to enhance her/his understanding. This thinking should be as richly textured and as individually colored as possible. Each student will have the feeling that s/he is now able to take on the task of self-education.
Excerpted from the preschool's website