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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Montessori

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We at The Children's House expect to:

Instill an understanding of personal and global peace through the development of peacemaking skills and the study of peoples and cultures

Promote the development of honest, respectful, independent human beings who contribute to their community

We do this by:

Using active listening and fostering communication, beginning with our very youngest children

Studying the fundamental needs of humans all over the world

Identifying qualities of peacefulness

Acknowledging spirituality and honoring diverse spiritual and religious practices with the beautiful Festival of Lights

Encouraging community service in our school yard and in our wider community through an annual Outreach Program

Being a founding developer and annual co-sponsor of the Peaceful Impressions Conference and Peace Camp

Enabling students to take leadership roles in the Peace Conference and speaking out for peace in public forums

Nurturing writing and artistic expression, as often the children exhibit their dedication to peace through fine arts

Instilling a respect for the earth and its living creatures with an annual study of butterflies and gardening

Visualizing peace and the varied ways to demonstrate a commitment to peace

Modeling of respect by staff and other adults, all of whom have a great respect for the children, families, and one another

Encouraging the children to identify and research famous (and not-so-famous) peacemakers, and to learn from their example

Becoming familiar with the meanings of kindness and justice

Demonstrating joy in peace with a demonstration march in our neighborhood

Developing curriculum which includes study of fundamental needs of human beings, and the practice of values such as compassion, gratitude, respect, and generosity

Honoring Maria Montessori's vision that the world will be a better place when the children are enabled to develop their own best potential, are respected as individuals, and are fostered in an educational setting that helps each begin the process of finding their own, personal cosmic task in the universe.

Excerpted from the preschool's website