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Cliff Drive Care Ctr

1435 Cliff Dr
Santa Barbara, CA 93109-1731

(805) 965-4286


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

A Typical Day

"7.30-8.30 children arrive,table games,blocks,housekepping
8.30-8.40 clean up toys
8.40-9.00 group time attendence greetings pray and wash snack
9.00-9.15 snack time
9.15-9.45 playground activities tricycles devolpment of gross motor skills
9.45-10.50 class time according to age group
10.50-11.00 bathroom time wash up for lunch
11.00-11.30 lunch
11.30-12.15 outdoor play
12.15-12.30 preparation for naptime
12.30-2.30 naptimesoft music back rubs
2.30-3.00 wake up time diapar changes bathroom
trips put on socks and shoes
3.00-3.30 snack
3.30-4.30 choice up of inside or outside play activities
4.30-4.45 clean up toys wash hands and faces get ready to go home
5.00-5.30 inside time stories music quiet games"
Excerpted from the preschool's website