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Rainbow of Knowledge

1975 Cambrianna Drive
San Jose, CA 95124

(408) 377-5730


Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Co-op

From the Director:

"Rainbow of Knowledge is a parent participation school." Extracted from

Curriculum & Teaching Approach

Learning Philosophy & Tools

  Play- based mostly teacher led not formally in curriculum conducive environment
Oral language  
Nursery rhymes, poems, songs  
Storybook reading  
Emerging literacy skills  
Cognitive development
Math & number sense
Time & space
Sci. reasoning/physical world
Visual arts
Physical activity
Other subjects taught Numbers|Letters|Science|Art|Computers

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Besides teaching your child the fundamentals of ABC's and 123's, the staff tries to incorporate the philosophy of Happy Thinking and the importance of being Friends of the Earth into their program.

They also try to incorporate a sense of values and ways of dealing with stress in their teaching philosophies.

Not too many years ago, the choices were vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry; one dip or two. Today, it is 31 flavors, several types of cones and a myriad of tempting toppings. Making a choice is difficult. This is just a small example of how complex life has become. With this complexity comes pressure to evaluate options, make choices, arrive at decisions and cope with stress resulting from the whole process. Many critics of modern society point to the loss of values as a major cause of contemporary problems.

While the blame is often placed on the young and young adults, all age levels seem to have shifted away from an awareness of purpose. Today's youth are highly criticized for behavior which reflects a lack of respect for self and others, and a general disregard for people and things. The need for the development of a positive self-image and value system consistent with one's beliefs and behaviors is a vital part of one's existence and survival.

Educators and parents recognize the shared responsibility for providing the experiences and support necessary to build healthy, responsible coping mechanisms.

Here at Rainbow of Knowledge an open, caring atmosphere is used to encourage goal setting, follow-through, evaluation and self-confidence. Communication skills, so vital to the whole process of stress management, become refined as effective tools. Students here feel free to explore options and evaluate consequences as they actively work through solutions for conflict and stress.

Centering is a technique used several times during the day to calm the children down. Centering is used to focus the child's energy on one thing (usually peaceful music). We have found that people who are centered do better learning, are more positive about life in general, and can be the 'eye' in the middle of the hurricane. This calm state can be accomplished while everyone else around them is out of control. We also stress that it is each person's responsibility to be 'in-tune' with themselves as to where their energy is at any given time. This allows them to restore their energy to the proper level so that they can function as a positive influence here at Rainbow.

Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth philosophy encourages fuller living through respect for and knowledge and understanding of the interrelationship of nature with people and their development. This philosophy is incorporated into the curriculum because we feel that more and more children are growing up without an opportunity to interact with a more natural environment and that the remaining natural environments are constantly being assaulted by rezoning requests. Values important to children include decisions about the natural environment; caged and/or mistreated animals, destruction to forests, pesticides, polluted air and waters. Without this view of life around them, children will grow up with only the technical, scientific viewpoint.

Happy Thinking
Happy Thinking is being positive in all that you do, say and think. When we are being a Happy Thinker, we are sending 'hearts' out into the world, and one day those hearts shall come back to you. On the other hand, if you are saying, doing or thinking about unhappy deeds, you are sending out 'arrows' into the world and this will also come back to you.

We here at Rainbow are continuously striving to be Happy Thinkers 24 hours a day. Children learn the kids for character pledge and participate on activities that develop good character.

Happy faces
Happy faces are what we use as a tracking system for rewards. Happy faces can be earned by children and by parents. What helps to make Rainbow of Knowledge a unique school is our parent participation system. For example, the child can earn happy faces on their daily behavior chart. This then leads to earnin 'fun money' in their classroom so that they can buy prizes at the end of the week. Happy faces for the parents are earned when they help participate in the school."

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A Typical Day

"Morning Content
Academic Program:

1 Letter of the week A-Z

1 Number of the week 1-12

1 Color of the month

1 Shape of the month

Small nature skills paper

Reading readiness paper

Positional concept

Name Recognition

All papers are graded in front of children, for positive reinforcement.

Happy faces or 'Keep Trying' marks only are given to the children.

1 Cooking Project per week is made by the children. They eat the project for a snack. Cooking goes along with current holiday or theme.

2 Theme Art Projects per week: A variety of textures and materials increase interest. Students are taught how to use felt pens, colored chalk, paint, paste, and watercolors.

1 Theme Learning Activity per week: Teaches the children something about the theme of the week/month.

1 Science Activity per week: Age appropriate worksheet or experiment. Sharing is done on Wednesdays. Encourage your students to bring something from home to share and allow time for them to tell their friends (in a group setting) what they brought.

Buying is done on Friday mornings. Students earn prizes for good behavior and work. Sometimes a small daily reward is used also.

Lots of Transitional activities such as finger plays, songs, stories and learning activities will be done between activities or when the children start to lose interest in an activity.

12-15 Students from the Orange get to visit our Rainbow Room twice a week.

Afternoon Content

After lunch the children take a nap. They will use their sleep mats to rest upon that are kept in their cubbies.

Pets: 2-3 different pets need to be taken out during this time. Children sit in a circle and can hold or pet animals or watch them move within the circle. Kindness to animals is stressed, as well as age appropriate information about the animals.

Stories/Flannel Boards: Can include creative storytelling procedures such as monkey mitt stories, action stories or tape stories.

Happy Thinking/Friends of the Earth: Age appropriate activities teaching the children to be Happy Thinkers. (getting along with each other, etc.) and taking care of our Earth and every living thing on it.

Music: sing-a-longs are used with children's tapes, playing our musical percussion instruments, dancing, or teaching children holiday or theme songs.

1 Theme Art.

1 Creative Expression Art: Open-ended art such as finger painting, collages, glitter pictures, etc.

1 P.E./Movement Activity allowing the children to get outside and do a structured movement activity.

1 Theme Learning Activity."

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Home-School Connection

Home-School Connection: From the Director

"Rainbow of knowledge is a parent participation school. This means that parents help with the running of the school and the maintenance of the institution.

By keeping costs to a minimum through our parents' help, Rainbow of Knowledge can keep tuition costs to a minimum.

Parent participation takes many forms. Among these are:
- Parent chaperones for field trips
- Parent help in building maintenance and grounds upkeep
- Parent participation in fundraisers
- Parents shopping online through the eScript program
- Parents participating in 'Chef's Night Out.'

Parent participation is rewarded using 'happy faces."

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