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Challenger School (Camina Escuela)

730 Camina Escuela
San Jose, CA 95129

(408) 213-0083


Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Teacher-Led

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Challenger helps children become adults who are led by neither peer pressures nor common sentiment, but by the strength of their own thinking.

We begin by building a foundation:

Language Arts (reading, composition, and grammar), Math, and Logic are the three foundation disciplines. They are key to unlocking information in all subjects. The degree of mastery in these three disciplines determines a student's potential for learning in all higher disciplines.

As we strengthen the foundation, higher and weightier structures become possible.

We teach subject content to give students facts and concepts, but as we teach content, we teach method-logic and thinking skills. Students learn to evaluate, question, and search for connections. Finding and understanding the connections between concepts is what enables students to retain and then apply and extend their knowledge. They learn to find connections by doing things in logical sequence-that is how they learn to recognize logical progression.

Learning that progress is determined by effort, a student realizes that his success is in his control and is his responsibility. As he learns and applies this idea, he begins to understand and enjoy the strength of his own mind. As he learns to respect his own capacity and gains confidence, he also learns to appreciate and respect the same in others.

Challenger students learn about freedom, and that each person has fundamental rights.

They learn to respect the person and property of others.

Students learn how honesty, integrity, and independence relate, and that with these traits they earn personal dignity.

And they discover early that success is rewarding, and that achievement is fun. At Challenger they learn that both are within their reach. The enthusiasm you see in students at any Challenger School shows that our students understand that happiness does not come from superficial sources-it comes from honest, first-hand accomplishment.

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