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Slippery Fish

999 Brotherhood Way
San Francisco, CA 94132

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Slippery Fish is a cooperative pre-preschool and preschool. We believe that each child brings a unique set of skills to the classroom and we respect each child's unique gifts while we help every child develop greater social skills, problem solving skills, self awareness and a sense of wonder and creativity.

Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Play-Based, Co-op

From the Director:

We take a relationship-based & developmental approach to learning. Our classes include opportunities for children to develop skills across developmental domains in the context of relationships. Our classes are designed to offer children both small and large group activities where on any given day they are learning new concepts and ideas, social skills, self-awareness and problem solving in relationship to each other. There are also plenty of opportunities for quiet play, individual play, or support through one-on-one interaction with teachers and peers. We pay particular attention to how art, sensory play, dramatic play and music support the children's overall development. We foster a sense of community of care by working closely as a team of learners. Parents are learning about their own children while supporting the development of other children in the classroom. The lead teacher acts as a lead instructor at times but also supports parents in the classroom and learns from their interactions with children. Both parents and teachers learn from each other as we share ideas and ways of leading and supporting children in their play while we stay committed to honoring and respecting each child's unique gift and contribution to the classroom. At the same time a child's sense of wonder and creativity is fostered and supported. Everyone is learning from each other in this model of care. Our curriculum themes draw from our observations of the children - what they are talking about, drawn to, and interested in - as well as from the teacher's knowledge & experience and what they have created to meet the emerging needs of the children. Each class offers a variety of activities around a theme so that each child gets the opportunity to learn a concept from many different angles. Any one theme can be presented in a multitude of ways to encourage learning on many levels.

Home-School Connection

Home-School Connection: From the Director

Because we are a parent-run co-op, parents are actively involved, participating and a witness to their child's learning, progress and activities. We also sponsor parent lectures throughout the year based on the needs or desires of participating families.


Separation is Handled through:

  • Parents in classroom early on