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Poway Unified School District Turtleback Elementary

15855 Turtleback Road
San Diego, CA 92127

(858) 679-2590


Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

General Approach to Learning: Teacher-Led, Co-op

From the Director:

Parent participation preschool programs emphasize parents as partners in the early education of their children. Parent education and training classes are central to these programs. Parents regularly schedule days for working alongside the teacher in the classrooms. Parents, as the first teachers, profoundly influence their children’s successes. The focus of the program is parents’ understanding of the developmental needs and age-appropriate activities for their children. A broad range of activities and guided options are offered with parent training in how to meet the needs of their children. The programs work toward building a strong partnership between home and school. (excerpted from website)

Curriculum & Teaching Approach

From the Director:

The curriculum goals of the Scholastic Early Childhood Program are implemented through organization around real-world themes. The themes include Friends and School, Home and Family, Inside and Outside Me, Staying Well/Staying Safe, Our community, Working and Playing Together, Make It/Build It, Let’s Explore, Animals and Where They Live, and Everything Changes. These themes build on children’s current understanding of the world in which they live, enabling them to develop new knowledge, thus increasing their possibilities of success. In addition to engaging children within the reach of their conceptual knowledge, the program is constructed to address developmental differences in children. It helps teachers organize their classroom and make modifications for children with special needs. Teacher materials are provided for working with and modifying the curriculum for all children, including children with visual, hearing, physical, cognitive, and social/emotional challenges. (excerpted from website)

Day in the Life

General School Mission

Poway Unified School District preschools have used Scholastic’s Early Childhood Program curriculum since 1997. The central goal of the program is to help guarantee that young children will develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and life habits to become successful learners, especially in their language and literacy development. The program is designed to ensure that children's language and early reading skills will develop in accordance with the four critical areas outlined by the Early Reading First legislation: oral language, phonological awareness, print awareness, and alphabetic knowledge. The curriculum emphasizes language development and early literacy integrated in the following areas: mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, and physical, personal and social development.

The preschool program supports children's development of knowledge, skills, and processes that will help them make sense of themselves and the world around them. It provides young children with informed instruction that supports them as they actively investigate novel concepts, skills, and processes and reexamine known ones.
(excerpted from website)


Separation is Handled through:

  • Parents in classroom early on