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The Phoenix Schools- I Street

600 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

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Philosophy & Approach

School Philosophy

From the Director:

"The Phoenix Schools have always believed the greatest development in children is from birth to approximately 8 years of age. Our curriculum is based upon that concept. Recent research validates what we have always believed. At The Phoenix Schools we believe it is absolutely imperative to present a wealth of materials, experiences and interactions, which becomes etched in the long-term memory of a child. Not only is the presentation of curricula by a professional educator exciting, it is also personalized to the individual child. Each child is given every opportunity to grow in an environment, which is accepting, loving and fun! Kindness Curriculum, Zoo Phonics®, Math their Way®, Literature, Spanish, Computers, Social Science, Motor Movement are all an integral part of the curriculum. Each of these areas is planned carefully to be sure that the consistency and continuity for infant through preschool creates the success-oriented learning environment that each child deserves. " Excerpted from Preschools Website

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Mission Statement

The Phoenix Schools are committed to offering children, families and staff an educational environment where trust, care and service will equitably promote each individual’s opportunity for success.
Core Purpose

To treat all people big and small with respect and trust, allowing them the opportunity to reach their full potential on a daily basis.

Core Values

At Phoenix Schools, we believe in the following Core Values:

Treating all people big and small, with respect, honesty and value.

Giving children and staff the opportunity to grow and feel their own success each and every day.

Always offering an exceptional experience for children and staff that is safe, clean, organized professional and educational.

Being a productive member of a performance orientated team, where high expectations are rewarded by equally high results.

Providing the best each and every day for children, staff and families.

Being a model organization by providing a quality educational product, excellent operational execution, professional growth of people and outstanding services to families all of which culminates in corporate success."
Excerpted from Preschools Website