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"Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952), an Italian physician and educator, was the founder of the educational philosophy which still bears her name today. She based her philosophy on the premise that education involves the unfolding of the abilities which a child possesses at birth. She emphasized that a child learns best if given freedom to discover, explore and create in an enriched environment under the guidance and encouragement of a trained directress (teacher). Montessori designed specific learning materials for the classroom environment, but also believed that her method should be open-ended and encouraged innovation and growth based on observation of the child.
Montessori is a philosophy and method of education which emphasized the potential of the young child and which develops this potential by utilizing special teaching materials. Montessori materials help the child to understand what he learns by associating abstract concepts with concrete sensorial experiences.
Victory Montessori Schools are carefully prepared learning environments in which intellectual, moral, creative, physical and social growth flourish. The schools were established in 1975 in San Marino in order to create an educational community committed to Montessori educational standards and principles. Today our schools serve over 600 students from preschool though 8th grade.
And through the years it has been a tremendous source of pride and satisfaction to have heard from former parents & educators regarding the outstanding achievements, these alumni children have made as they have gone into higher grades in local schools. It has made us even more dedicated to the Montessori Philosophy.
Victory Montessori Schools are also a Teacher Training Institute for Montessori Teachers. We are certified by the State of California for Private Post-Secondary Education and have prepared hundreds for rewarding new careers as Montessori Teachers.
Excerpted from the preschool's website