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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"This means that we care about their intellectual growth, their physical growth, their social growth, and their emotional growth. We are here to create an environment where all these kinds of growth can happen. To do this we will use every interaction we have with your child. Your child is always learning about himself/herself, their environment, and the people they relate to. The conclusions they come to about what kind of place this world is and what kind of people thay are will color and influence the rest of their life. The attitudes they learn from the people around them will be crucial to their success, their happiness, and their ability to learn and be creative.
The TLC program is based on a number of assumptions:
1. Children must feel secure, their basic needs met, before they are free to be curious to explore, to learn fully and to be creative.
2. Children are learning all the time - every minute. We can only facilitate or hinder the process.
3. It is the process of learning and creating and becoming competent that is essential, not the product.
4. Every child is an individual with his own perfect pace and way of learning.
5. Emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth are all equally important.
6. Every situation is an opportunity for learning.
7. Children are just as aware of non-verbal messages as what we say.
8. Children, no matter how young, are capable of making choices and making their needs known.
9. Children are capable of understanding far more and doing much more than we ever suspected.
10. Emotional health is based on knowing what you feel and being able to express your feelings.
11. Children deserve to be loved and respected for just who they are, not for what they can do.
12. Punitive reactions increase resentment and anger, lower self-esteem, and increase the likelihood of more"
Excerpted from the preschool's website