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Palermo, CA 95968

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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Staff and parents feel that a child's early development of positive self-esteem and social interaction skills is the basis for all future successes. As such, the Palermo Children Center strives to foster such development, while promoting good parenting skills and understanding that will further those ends. Conjunctionally, Palermo Children Center services enable parents to obtain training, employment and/or family stability.
The morning preschool program expands to encompass school-aged children as they are released from class. Under supervision, children are age-integrated in an effort to provide a family-like environment with inherent role modeling and social interactions. The program is based on the provision of child choices:
to participate in directed or non-directed activities
to perform errands
to resolve problems
to develop self-control
The atmosphere is informal, with a moderately structured routine. Heavy emphasis is placed on staff-child, staff-parent communication and interaction. We feel that a happy child will more readily avail himself of the cognitive and physical enrichment available within the setting. Thus through a warm, secure, but stimulating environment, a child will naturally develop self-help skills and independence, as well as physical and intellectual proficiency."
Excerpted from the preschool's website