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Santiago Canyon College Child Development Center

8045 East Chapman Avenue
Orange, CA 92869

(714) 628-4890


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

In our centers, children always come first - before planned curriculum, before rules and before adult convenience. The goal of the program is to work with each and every childâ??s natural development and support the emerging self within.

We believe learning happens in relationships and that it happens best in relationships which are characterized by personal respect and caring responsiveness. Thus, respect is carried throughout relations between staff and college students and among staff, center and department.

We believe children learn in an environment which motivates them to want to learn. This happens when they are allowed a great amount of control over their own activities. Our flexible environment in a natural setting encourages this. We strongly believe that curriculum is all that happens to the child while he/she is at the center every moment of the day, and that is generated from all people -- staff, parents, and other children.

Play with purpose is the primary vehicle for curriculum. It is the childâ??s most valuable learning tool, and is the means of self-awareness, interactions, problem solving, acquired mastery and learning. Our major commitment is to helping children learn, rather than concern for content taught by teachers.