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Ile Omode Preschool

8924 Holly St
Oakland, CA 94621-1112

(510) 632-8230


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"responsibility to guide and instruct our children on their path to their greatness.
The Wo'se Community Church school program, as embodied in Ile Omode, is grounded in academic and cultural principles which provide a foundation for the development of self-determined scholarship and leadership. Our goal is to create a learning environment which encourages creative problem solving, teamwork, and confidence. Through learning experiences that are both challenging and fun, we are preparing our children to compete in a technologically advanced society. We emphasize African values and community as a framework for the utilization of this technology. Our vision is that our students become highly motivated and creative leaders who are both capable and committed to the betterment of our nation.We stress the development of our students' bodies, minds, souls, and consciousness. We develop our bodies by eating a proper diet and exercising daily. We develop our minds by acquiring knowledge and skills that are useful to our advancement. We develop our souls by developing our relationship with the Creator and with our people based on Maat (truth, justice, right-order, and reciprocity). We develop our consciousness by attaining self-awareness, identity, self-control, and discipline.
Our children, today's children, represent our tomorrow. What they are gives us an indication of our future as a people. Ile Omode joins parents in the task of nurturing the development of superior children.
Excerpted from the preschool's website