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Beverly Glen Playgroup Inc

10409 Scenario Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90077

(310) 470-0992


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Beverly Glen Playgroup endorses a developmental approach to learning. We believe that children learn by doing. Our focus is on the process of education versus the end product. It is important to recognize the uniqueness of each child and respect his or her individual rate of development.
We believe that a child's play is his or her real work. It is through play that children integrate and understand the world around them. Our program fosters positive self-esteem by promoting mastery, competence and independence through the many creative activities we provide each day.
We believe that the preschool child is interested in other children, in forming group relationships, and in experiencing the give and take among equals. He or she needs the chance to participate in a group as a leader, a follower, and a friend.
Real learning is based on insight. We want children to ask questions, initiate investigations and test out ideas for themselves. This involvement in their own learning is self-generating. Children observe and make more discoveries. Their learning emerges naturally through their play.
Children benefit from the repetition of favorite materials. What was used one day only to throw water may be used the next day to measure. We are not concerned with mass production of art or science projects, but rather with the type of learning that goes on while the children are using the given materials. During a given day, the children follow through on a theme with exciting and appropriate materials.
We are not concerned as much with the child's performance (ie., how many paintings he or she brings home) as with the child's attitude toward learning. We provide a balance of age-appropriate experiences-creative, scientific, and practical, rather than formal instruction.
Finally, we hope that as our children complete their years at Playgroup, they will have realized their full potential as preschoolers ready to walk into kindergarten with confidence and a positive attitude, eager to take on the challenges that await them in their new environment.

Excerpted from the preschool's website