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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The philosophy of a child care center is the prime determining factor in the quality of
experience provided to the children attending the program. Philosophy determines not
only how the program is organized and implemented, but what kind of staff is hired and
how they interact with the children. The program director is responsible for establishing
program philosophy and insuring its implementation.
The CEC serves as an extension of the family's child rearing activity through the care and
education of children. Fulfillment of this role requires meeting criteria far beyond the
minimum mandated through State licensing requirements for health and safety. Two
distinct areas must be addressed. They are described below.
The first and foremost critical task that a child care program must perform is that of
providing the quality of loving that is critical to a child's well-being. This quality must
permeate all aspects of the environment, program and interactions with adults and other
Because opinion regarding what constitutes loving behavior is broad, the CEC has
developed a description of what constitutes loving values and behavior:
C Acceptance of children as they are, valuing their uniqueness.
C Nurturing and supporting children through physical contact and provision of positive
verbal reinforcement while expressing forgiveness for actions which upset us.
C Facilitation of children's self-understanding through provision of accurate,
nonjudgmental feedback on their behavior.
C Maintenance of a secure environment through provision of clear, consistent limits for
behavior and by clear, accurate explanations of behavior and events.
C Encouragement for children to develop self-sufficiency through taking responsibility
for themselves, their actions, and their environment.
C Encouragement of clear communication, verbal expression of feelings, sensitivity to
others' needs and attunement with one's own needs.
C Assisting children to perceive their world holistically, recognizing the connection and
interdependence among all things, valuing uniqueness and diversity.
C Modeling of loving values and behaviors for ourselves and in our interpersonal
relations and encouraging children to do the same."
Excerpted from the preschool's website