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Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

A Typical Day

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE -- When a child is dropped off at a center for the day, a separation is occurring. The teacher plans an integral role in how smoothly this transfer occurs. Our Teachers:

Greet each child warmly and personally

Support the child in saying good-bye to the parent upon arrival, and saying good-bye to the parent upon departure

Help children find a place in the group

SNACKS/MEALS -- Eating within the center should be enjoyable for the child and provide an opportunity for social interaction. Our Teachers:

Involve children in setting up, serving and cleaning up

Sit among the children during these periods

Encourage socializing between the children

Allow children to eat what they enjoy at their own pace

GROUP TIME -- Meetings, stories and "show and tell" encourage children to sit together as part of a group. Our Teachers:

Support each child's participation

Respond to children who do not easily become part of the group

Present stories, games, songs and projects that are enjoyed by all the children

DISPUTES/AGGRESSIVENESS -- Teachers must often act as arbitrators when young children have disagreements. Our Teachers:

Intervene at appropriate times

Listen to each child's explanation of the incident

Help both children work out the dispute

CONSOLING/COMFORTING -- Young children frequently become upset over both hurt feelings and bumps and bruises. Most often prompt and gentle attention can alleviate the pain and return the child back to the classroom activity fairly quickly. Our Teachers:

Respond quickly to an unhappy or hurt child

Provide physical comfort when required

Listen sympathetically to a child's feelings

TAKING CARE OF BODILY NEEDS -- Group life means eating, drinking, toileting and resting done on a schedule. The schedule is usually different from the one your child is accustomed to following, therefore difficulties arise when children are trying to conform to these needs. Our Teachers:

Allow bathrooms to be used at a child's request

Assist children in dressing and undressing

Handle bathroom accidents in a calm and supportive manner

Daily Program

Parents are required to sign children in and out each day. Forms are available for each classroom for this purpose.
Activities which stimulate physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth are part of our daily developmental curriculum. We strive to enhance skills such as motor ability, problem-solving, creative expression, cognition and positive social interaction.
Daily rest periods are scheduled. Mats or cots and sheets are provided by the Center

Excerpted from the preschool's website