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King's Valley Christian School

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Concord, CA 94521

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Philosophy & Approach

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General School Mission

"King's Valley Christian School's philosophy of Christian education of necessity begins with an acceptance of Jesus Christ and His teachings. To accept and believe what Jesus taught is to believe that God created man in His own image and as a free moral being. Man was made with the capability of choosing self over God. In Adam's choice, man found himself separated from God and in need of a Savior. Jesus, being God in the flesh, became that redeemer, and through the Holy Spirit, draws men to Himself. Jesus taught that He is God; that there is a heaven and a hell; that He is Truth; that He has established His church and given His children gifts for the building of that church; that all who accept Him become a part of His church. As members of His church, we are instructed to study, to know and to teach God's Word. Thus the teaching of God's Word becomes a first requirement and "the beginning of knowledge." After the student "knows" Christ, he/she must strive for full development of individual gifts and talents. Christian education begins with teaching children about God, Christ, the plan of salvation, and relationship to God, while at the same time teaching about the world children live in. Through an ongoing process, the objective is to bring the student to mature growth in spirit, body and mind. The spirit, body and mind must be directed in growth processes toward a character of Godliness, equipping the student to live a fruitful, happy life through the use of his mental and physical capacities. The individual student, a personality created by God and destined for eternity, is housed in a temporal body. Both the spiritual and the physical must be trained and must grow. Only as the individual discovers and experiences a relationship to God, recognizing and giving God His place of authority in his or her life, can the person have true dignity and purpose in life, and in turn, properly use the physical body. As the student is taught to recognize and place God at the center of his or her life and as the student becomes educated to necessary knowledge of life, and understands and applies biblical principles to the actions of life, they will progress toward maturity and happiness as a truly and totally educated person. Ample opportunity must be given in education for the development of the individual student's unique gifts, talents and abilities in order for the individual to find his place in society and in God's kingdom. The school must keep the student and his need for total development uppermost in planning and decision making. The means of evaluating progress will be the evidence of academic excellence and spiritual fervor, working hand in hand in the lives of the students. The best mode for learning is a Christ-centered, disciplined environment; and that discipline is jointly a family, school, individual, and church responsibility. All of these influences must be involved with the student's discipline and learning processes. Examples are vitally important to the student in learning to apply principles of Christian ethics and morals to life and learning. Three basic targets are necessary to carry out this philosophy: 1. THE USE OF REASONING POWERS In that God created us with a mind, we ought to use it and develop it. Reading and writing skills become the essential tool to permit the mind to function properly. It is not at all practical to attempt to use the mind to its fullest without employing reading and writing skills for the preservation and communication of the mind's activity. Just to read words does not mean to understand. Comprehension must be taught with phonics and grammatical rules. Comprehension develops reasoning ability and puts knowledge to work for individual and societal advantage. We know that we cannot understand all things. Except through Christ, even God is incomprehensible. But God Himself says to us, "Come, let us reason together . . ." In this framework of reasonableness, not only do we have the privilege of thinking
and using our minds, but we also have the obligation to do so. Therefore, KVCS has the responsibility to teach students not only to read, but also to comprehend and to think--to reason in order to reach the highest academic level of which a student is capable. 2. RESPECT FOR ONE ANOTHER While seeking reasoning ability, we must recognize the need for respect. It is obvious in our society that the emphasis on self and selfishness has broken down respect for one another. Our goal is to teach students that they are to respect those in authority, their parents, their fellow man and themselves. When respect is present, most discipline problems are solved and learning becomes easier. We are the creation of God. That gives us dignity. Respecting one another enhances that dignity and fulfills the law of God, because respect demands care and love. We expect parents to emphasize the teaching of respect to their child through discussion and example. Any show of disrespect to KVCS staff or students by students and/or parents may result in suspension, expulsion, and/or being declined for re-enrollment. 3. REVERENCE FOR GOD Beyond learning to use the mind and learning respect is reverence. The humanistic tendency is to elevate man to such a state of perfection that God is not needed. Our goal is to elevate God to His rightful, supreme position as Lord of Lords. We are first concerned that God becomes a part of the individual student's life. Acceptance of Christ is the initial and essential step. But even while this may be taking place, we must strive to instill the concept of reverence for God throughout the school. It is difficult in these times to control the insecure, restless, uninhibited youngster who is electronically entertained and often emotionally jangled. But we are determined to teach and practice reverence in spite of worldly influence. It is the goal of KVCS to teach each class and subject with the above in mind. Christ becomes the worldview perspective, the foundation on which all knowledge is taught and from which wisdom to use that knowledge is gained. We cannot replace the teachings and discipline of the home and church, but in cooperation, we can reinforce them. We will work with the home and the church to prepare the student to live a consistent Christian life while developing all of his natural skills for preparation in his chosen field."
Excerpted from the preschool's website