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Creative Frontiers School Private Elementary & Preschool

6446 Sylvan Road
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

(916) 723-2500


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"Creative Frontiers presents a special environmental experience: It is our goal to provide an all-encompassing environment that encourages key learning strategies. The school was founded upon the principle concept that a child's perspective is first and foremost. A child's disposition creates the framework in which he/she performs.

At Creative Frontiers, your child will discover the blend of nature and space as a total enhancement to the learning process. A correlation between true quality space and personal growth should be a natural combination.

Mutual respect between students, parents and teachers creates a cycle of advantageous relationships an impressionable child will likely choose to role model. Essential basics for mutual respect are encouraged by healthy communication skills. A low student-teacher ratio is a method we use in cultivating relationships.

In addition, teachers and administrators are constantly available to discuss and contribute key knowledge significant to your child. Positive Discipline is focused upon the fundamental belief that children possess an innocent personality.

A child must perceive a difference between a "bad child" (implying basic negativity of a person) and doing something "bad" (referencing a singular act). To avoid misinterpretations, we use the expressions; appropriate or inappropriate. These concepts give us a behavioral model that proves original and innovative.

We spotlight the conduct, not the child. After we have addressed a certain behavior, we then focus on a child's decision making skills that fosters responsibility. The discussion and child's resulting "decision" develops a child with an increased self esteem along with additional skills for problem solving that are life long success oriented techniques.

Children thrive on consistency as a method of understanding how the world sees them. Children require a predictable environment that allows them personal security at home and school.

Children that understand expectations tend to discover goal setting at an early age and create successful character traits for self esteem.

We believe we offer you and your child the best of both worlds: A diverse and quality learning environment with a focus and desire to give your child the finest learning experiences obtainable.

To enhance their Creative Frontiers, this is our mission.

Excerpted from the preschool's website