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Little Treasures Preschool & Infant Care

2010 Notre Dame Boulevard
Chico, CA 95928

(530) 345-3415


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The first five years of a child's life can be considered the most important. This is the time that all information is absorbed, big and small. Children come into the world, only knowing basic instincts and by the time that they are five years old, they are learning to read, write, socialize, and spend time in a school environment.
It is also the time that children learn to love and trust other individuals. As caregivers and preschool teachers, we plan to respond to the individual needs of each child in our care. We will be understanding and empathetic. However, we will still provide them enough stability to show them right from wrong.
ach child is unique in every way. Curriculum is designed fo fit each child's individual interests, desires, and be developmentally challenging. We provide opportunities for exploration, discovery, and socialization. In addition, we encourage each child to try new experiences and acknowledge each child's accomplishments.
We believe that process is more important than product. Each child will have the freedom to express their individuality and creativity. Our program will provide the children with many opportunities to express this freedom of creativity. Further more, each teacher will display art projects by each child, letting them know that their work is unique.
In addition, I want the parents to know that I am personally looking out for each and every child's safety. I want each mom and dad to feel confident in my capabilities as a care provider, director, and owner. I plan to keep communication open; not only with the staff, but the parents as well. The goal of this center is to help the individual child to develop a strong self-esteem, independence, and compassion for others. I want every child to walk away with a positive experience.

Excerpted from the preschool's website