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Sierra Pre-School

13315 Luther Road
Auburn, CA 95603

(530) 823-3557


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"We are a TEAM of children, parents and school staff who work together to encourage enthusiasm for LEARNING and CARING for each other, our community and our environment.
Membership in a parent-participation preschool is a family experience. We share objectives, responsibilities, and a sense of community centered on our commitment to encourage each child to develop at his or her unique developmental rate. This is facilitated through a variety or age appropriate learning experiences.

FOR CHILDREN. . .an opportunity

to be themselves and develop at their own unique rates
to express themselves freely and constructively through art and play materials
to learn to be tolerant, creative, cooperative and imaginative
to learn to be independent. . .able to solve their own problems and do things for themselves
to enjoy a preschool experience. This will simplify adjustment to other social situations and to elementary school
to learn to establish close relationships with adults other than their family members
to learn limits of behavior regarding safety, health and respect for the rights of others.
To build feelings of self-confidence and security and an acceptance of reality
To extend and enrich their understanding of the world
To increase their ability to constructively handle their emotions .

Excerpted from the preschool's website