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Cabrillo College Children's Center

6500 Soquel Drive, 1500 Building
Aptos, CA 95003

(831) 479-6352


Philosophy & Approach

Day in the Life

General School Mission

"The Children's Center program is carefully planned around the developmental needs of each child. We believe that a child matures most successfully in a warm, comfortable environment that respects individual differences and supports the children's play in a carefully planned environment. Play is the child's way of making sense of the world, and is the child's best way of exploring, testing, and thinking about this large, complicated world in which they live.
Caregiving routines such as eating, diapering/toileting, washing and napping are important learning settings where children can learn about health and safety, communication and social interactions. These routines also allow children to develop trust, autonomy, physical skills and a sense of self competence.
Exploration through play supports physical, intellectual, and social/ emotional growth. Children use play as a means to work through their concerns and develop understanding of their world. Respecting a child's ability to do this, teachers provide children with a free choice of curriculum areas throughout the day. Age appropriate activities may include cooking, building with blocks, carpentry, puzzles, manipulating educational materials, observing nature, singing and dancing, creative arts, early reading and math, and running, jumping and climbing. Teachers also provide many opportunities for children to practice social skills. Mutual problem solving, co-operation and helping are encouraged.
The Cabrillo College Children's Center brings families, teachers and children together from a wide range of culture, family styles and traditions, ethnic backgrounds, family structure, economic and class diversity with varied family practices. The Children's Center staff, teachers and faculty view our diverse Center community as an opportunity to talk, think together and discuss the daily and the sometimes complex issues that will come up during the year. We encourage open discussions about larger social issues that effect our work here; racism, gender-bias, stereotypes, homophobia, disabilites, and family traditions. We expect that together we can deepen our understanding and acceptance of one another.
At the early learning stage of develpment, a child stores basic information, acquires language, and forms concepts. It is important that communication be in the language the child understands best. Research has shown that children who are taught in their primary language can transfer the language skills and knowledge into a second language once they have mastered their own. Children who do not have the opportunity to become fluent and literate in their home language will not have the skills needed to succeed in English. In our English-dominant community all children will learn English.
Excerpted from the preschool's website