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Canterbury Child Development Ctr

350 Overbrook
Birmingham, AL 35213

(205) 879-2219

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Overall Rating

Parents at this school, on average, believe that conflicts between children:

Are handled poorly in a way that makes me concerned about the safety of my child


Parent Ratings

  • Overall Rating
  • Temperature and overall air circulation is comfortable
  • Healthy and nutritious snacks are provided
  • Toys and furniture are cleaned regularly


Parent Ratings

  • Overall Rating
  • Screen and identify all visitors
  • Parents may not bring sick children to school where they may infect others


Parent Ratings

  • Overall Rating
  • Building, bathrooms, hallway
  • Classroom equipment and furniture

Facilities Includes:

Playgrounds More

More Information

  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Playhouses
  • Large construction blocks/climbing structures
  • Tricycles
  • Wagons
  • Climbing structures
  • No playground


General School Comments: From the Parents

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  • Parent # 1

    Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of good things to write about Canterbury Child Development Center. It is very expensive, but we got on the waiting list before my daughter was born due to the great word-of-mouth. She got in right when we needed her too, but it went downhill from there. In November of 2009, I found GUM in one of her bottle caps. I called the Director first thing the next morning and was sent to voicemail. No one returned my call (this is not unusual as they hardly ever answer the phone). After leaving a second voicemail at lunchtime, the Director's Assistant finally called me back at 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. She basically blamed me for the gum because I had failed to put my the name on the cap. She could not, however, explain how a chewed up piece of gum made its way into the bottle cap in the first place. In December of 2009, the Director called me to say my daughter had a diaper rash. I explained her doctor had called in steroid cream that she was taking at home. If it was not resolved, we would take her back to the doctor the following week. Naturally, we were trying to avoid making our 8 month old sit in a waiting room with sick kids. The Director then proceeded to tell me that I should be more concerned as a parent. She said to call the doctor and say we would wait in the car until my daughter could be seen. I was polite but did not really feel as though I needed to justify anything. In February of 2010, the Director called to say one of the teachers had ROCKED over my daughter's (now 10 months old) toe with a rocking chair. I took her to the ER, her left big toe was BROKEN and she was prescribed an antibiotic to prevent her toe from getting infected. We sent the medicine with her to daycare so she could receive two daily doses a day. In March of 2010, my husband saw the medicine in the fridge; it had not been touched. My daughter had missed at least six doses even though we filled out medicine requests daily and all teachers were aware she was on an antibiotic. We withdraw her at the end of the month. I had to follow up THREE times to get our $200 security deposit back. You DO NOT get what you pay for at this daycare. She is in a much cheaper, but nicer daycare in Chelsea now where the workers answer the phones, are friendlier and do not have rocking chairs.

    over a year ago