Preschools in the Woodbridge Area

Resources for Finding Preschools

Whether you're just getting started in your search for the perfect preschool or have been at it a while, our editors have put together several articles to help.

The Big Picture Out of Preschool: What Does Kindergarten Readiness Really Mean?

Eliza Clark - Resolutions and Reflections » Parenting: The Big Picture

As the new year turns, parents of four and five-year-old preschoolers are looking back and looking forward and thinking: can it be that there is only half a year of preschool left? And then we're onto...kindergarten?!And each one of us is also thinking: i...
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10 Questions to Ask Other Parents About Their Preschool

Eliza Clark - 10 Questions

There are lots of wonderful preschools out there, but choosing the one that is right for your child and your family can be a tough decision. You want your child's first school experience to be as positive and enriching as possible. You hope that he'll lo...
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Preschool Tours: Making the Most of Your Visit

Andrea Evans - Education Decisions

Preschool tours offer wonderful opportunities to learn about prospective preschools. Often you can meet the director of the school, see classes in progress, and meet members of the parent community.  But, as is the case with so many things in life, what ...
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Preschool: If I Knew Then What I Know Now...

Amy Rees - Education Decisions

Starting preschool is an unquestionably big step, for both parent and child. Now that you've made a decision about which preschool is the best fit for your little one, and now that you've successfully navigated the ugh-don't-get-us-started-it's-so-crazy a...
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