Texas Rock Gym

1526 Campbell Rd.
Houston, TX 77055

(713) 973-7625


Houston’s premiere indoor rock climbing gym.

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Texas Rock Gym provides Houstonians with access to the sport of rock climbing in a professional, high quality climbing gym with a fun atmosphere for climbers of all ages. They offer a variety of lessons and classes and events such as birthday parties, Scouts and Corporate team builders and promotions. 

They have over 14,000 sq ft. of climbable surface, 45 top-ropes, a lead arch and separate bouldering area and offer two types of climbing at Texas Rock Gym. Roped climbing and Bouldering. 
  • Roped Climbing requires some basics to participate in including a Day Pass, Harness, and Climb Safe Class (if you have never been there before).They offer two different packages to first time customers. First Time Basic: $24.99 includes Day Pass, Harness, and Climb Safe Class. First Time w/ the works: $29.99 includes Day Pass, Harness, Shoes, Chalk, and Climb Safe Class.
  • Bouldering has no basic requirements. Bouldering is simply unroped climbing in approved areas in the gym. You don’t “need” anything to Boulder but climbing shoes and chalk help. Boulder prices and packages are good for all day at the gym. Bouldering Pass: $5.00. Bouldering w/ the Works: $10.00 (includes shoes and chalk)
  • An introductory climbing/belaying safety course is required for any belayers who are not in their database. Children 13 years and younger are exempt from the cost of this class, but cannot belay until 14, at which time they will be required to take this class again. The ClimbSafe Class is $7.50.

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