Parmer Park

578 Leake Avenue
Nashville, TN 37205

A Nashville park with a great playground on the west side of town that you may not know is Parmer Park.

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You always could go to your tried-and-true park or playground, but visiting someplace new now and then keeps the kids guessing. A Nashville park with a great playground on the west side of town that you may not know is Parmer Park. The park is on Leake Avenue past the side of Belle Meade Plantation, and it has just about everything a family could want for outdoor playtime. There are large grassy areas, picnic tables, swings, a play structure with a handful of slides, and more.

Parmer Park's grassy areas go on and on. There is a low, flat space that calls out for a soccer ball. There is a high, open space that calls out for a kite. There is a narrow little creek that invites exploring, and a downhill slope that begs to be rolled down. The picnic options include the grassy areas, a covered picnic pavilion with a single table, and other uncovered tables near the playground. The playground has a bank of four swings over mulch that's set apart from a sizable afternoon-shaded play structure. The metal and plastic play structure has three extra-large slides in a row, and two smaller ones. Between the slides, there are numerous stairs to climb and places to hang. Moms who want to be close but not too close can sit at one of the comfortable benches that line the playground area.

Besides space for running, rolling, picnicking, swinging, and sliding, Parmer has the makings of a perfect destination for kid bike riding. If you bring the kids' bikes, help them wheel them up the hill where there is a paved path that circles the high half of the park. The park also has a basketball court with four hoops. A school once sat on the park's site, and you'll find the brick entranceway still standing.

One of the few things Parmer lacks is a clean set of restrooms. There is a portable toilet, but you may do better driving down the street to Calypso Cafe. Don't let that one inconvenience keep you away, though. Parmer Park is a solid choice for a picnic or a playdate, with plenty to do to get the kids good and tired before nap or bedtime.

Parmer Park: From the Parents


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