Aquarium Restaurant

516 Opry Mills Drive
Nashville, TN 37214

(615) 514-8600


Guests dine while seated around a 200,000-gallon tank, home to a wide variety of fish, sharks, stingrays and more! The bottom of the sea décor and inventive menu offer guests a dining experience like no other.

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    Food, Aquariums/Zoos

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Word on the Street

You and your children will enjoy the atmosphere at this restaurant which boasts a gigantic aquarium (200,000 gallons!) full of all kinds of sea creatures from fish to stingrays and even shark.  The glass stretches from floor to ceiling and can be seen from any seating spot in the restaurant.  The menu has a variety of seafood items, and is fairly good (though not the best seafood I've ever had, it's fair). Download the menu and kid's menu to have a look at your options. (Both are PDF files.)  The real attraction is the aquarium, of course.  While you wait for your food to come, take the kiddos on a walk around the aquarium and see how many different creatures you can spot and name.  You might have a hard time getting them to sit back down when the food is ready. ;-)There is also a "Stingray Reef" that you can buy an all-day pass to for $3.95 where the kids can actually pet real stingrays on exhibit.  Additionally, the pass allows unlimited rides on the carousel (my son would ride it from mall opening to close if we let him).If you're so inclined, The Aquarium even offers Birthday Parties and "Educational Programs" you can sign up for (complete with a tour, educational lectures, and a diver presentation) for parties of up to 10.  For more information on costs and details on these packages, visit the Aquarium Restaurant, Nashville website and call 615-514-FISH.

Aquarium Restaurant: From the Parents


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