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Stroller Strides® is a stroller-based fitness program designed for moms with little ones.

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Stroller Strides takes away one of the biggest excuses us moms have for not getting in enough exercise...child care.  The classes are specifically designed to not only allow you to bring your child(ren), but to entertain them throughout the class.  The teachers are trained to train you while also taking on the responsibility of helping you entertain your children during the hour long class.

Each workout starts with a quick warm-up that generally includes songs for the kids.  After that it varies, but expect walking, running, walking lunges and more to be incorporated into the cardio portion of the class.  Throughout the workout the instructor will guide the group through strategically planned toning intervals using a resistance band and any available props like picnic tables, fences or bridges.  It also includes lots of entertainment for the kids who are most likely to get fussy during these breaks.  Bubbles, songs, books and snacks are all great distractions.    

Most classes are outdoors so dress yourself and your children appropriately.  Bring a water bottle, a towel or yoga mat for the ab work at the end and don't forget a drink and snack for the kids.  

Stroller Strides is not just a great workout.  It's also a great place to meet and connect with moms and a place to grow new friendships for you and your kids.  Classes are held indoors during the cold winter months, but are available at parks across Middle Tennessee Monday - Saturday the rest of the year.  Check the website for details.

For an inside look at Stroller Strides check out the following clip from Better Nashville.

Stroller Strides: From the Parents


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