Primm Park

Moores Lane East just past of the intersection with Wilson Pike
Brentwood, TN 37027

Primm Park is a 31 acre park that includes the historic Boiling Spring Academy (circa 1830) and five mounds from the Mound Builders circa 1200 A.D.), the last of prehistoric Native Americans to live in this area.

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Word on the Street

Before there was a city, there was land, and on that land lived prehistoric Indian cultures. 

This free Tennessee State Museum, Primm Park (below TPAC),  has an awesome collection of artifacts, with life-size figures, weapons, pottery and tiny village dioramas.  

For more exploration, visit Brentwood's prehistoric burial mounds.

This this mom's review of her trip to Primm Park!


Author Credit: Meredith Pelham


Primm Park: From the Parents


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