Stark's Vacuum Museum

107 NE Grand Ave
Portland, OR 97232


Proudly filling a small wing of our downtown showroom, the Stark’s Vacuum Museum may be the only one of its kind in the world!

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Word on the Street

A vacuum museum? Yes! While it's not automatically a museum that you would think would appeal to children, there have been many who have become obsessed with the machine. There are 300 vacuums that range from very old models to the current high-tech models. Highlights include a Busy-Bee that took two people to operate. The museum is open a surprising number of hours, so if you're up early (of course you are, you're a parent) and looking for something to do, head on down!

If you're there around lunch time, you can also head around the corner to Taco del Mar. And if you drop some crumbs, you can always swing back to the musem for some help!

Stark's Vacuum Museum: From the Parents


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