Big Daddy's

239 Park Avenue South between 19th and 20th Sts.
New York, NY 10003

(212) 477-1500


Big Daddy's was developed by Branded Restaurants USA to fill the need for a hip 80's styled restaurant where massive burgers, crispy tots, and thick milkshakes reign supreme.

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Word on the Street

Diners and takeout food should be fun. One peak at the menu at Big Daddy's will confirm they take this sentiment to heart. Sure, they offer the usual burgers and fries and shakes you'd expect to see at a diner, but they offer a lot of other things, too, that set them apart from the usual. For one thing, they actually have salads. And the salads are actually tasty. Also, apparently anything you get there is better with the recommended addition of Duke's chili and cheese. Plus, in addition to the inventively titled shakes, Big Daddy's offers frozen concoctions with the adult set in mind, including the Ralph Macchiato, which, containing bananas, rum and coffee liquor, is not only hilarious but also seems tasty. Chocolate chip pancakes, foot-long hotdogs and a variety of omelettes round out the menu, which serves breakfast all day. With three locations--Gramercy, Upper East Side and Upper West Side--you shouldn't need delivery service, but they've got that too in case you'd rather have the party at your place. Speaking of actual parties, Big Daddy's offers such a thing complete with a menu designed just for kids.

Big Daddy's: From the Parents


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