Alice's Teacup

156 East 64th St.
New York, NY 10021

(212) 486-9200


This is a great place to enjoy tea and a sandwich.

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Word on the Street

As odd as it seems, tea can be intimidating, for adults and kids alike. It's calm and soothing but, like wine, there are so many varieties of it from all over the world that the task of picking out the appropriate type can be more daunting than trying to find your way back up the rabbit hole. Luckily, we have the folks at Alice's Teacup to help us make and enjoy our selection. Alice's Teacup is a full service restaurant, meaning they offer all manner of food in addition to their excellent selection of teas (regular and decaf) from all over the world. The environment is intended to be whimsical and relaxed, perfect for the harried parent or the child interested in discovering something other than chamomile. They also do made-to-order cakes and offer birthday parties and the like. With two locations--one's at 64th Street and the other is at 73rd--Alice's is a great spot to hit anytime you need an escape from the city life outside its doors.

Alice's Teacup: From the Parents


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