Zeigfeld Theater

141 West 54th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues
New York, NY 10019

(212) 307-1862


The Ziegfeld Theatre was a Broadway theatre formerly located at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and 54th Street in Manhattan, New York City. Itwas built in 1927 and razed in 1966. The theatre was named for Florenz Ziegfeld,who built the theatre with financial backing from William Randolph Hearst.

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Word on the Street

They just don't make theaters like the Ziegfield anymore. It's one of those places where you could see any movie at all and feel just a little more elegant and glamorous doing so. And, really, despite that it's not the movie theater around the corner for most of us, shouldn't a little elegance and glamour be enough of a reason to see any movie there? Often they show classic films--think old time Westerns, Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia, that kind of thing. But just as often they also show family-friendly fair including Disney movies that also include special appearances, events and other activities perfect for little ones. A recent premier of The Frog and The Princess, for example, included appearances by most if not all of the Disney princesses.

Zeigfeld Theater: From the Parents


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