Christmas Town USA

Mc Adenville, NC 28101

The quiet little town of McAdenville, which lies along the South Fork River in Gaston County N.C., comes alive in spectacular fashion each year as Christmas draws near. Almost overnight, the small textile town is transformed into “ Christmas Town, USA .”

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Word on the Street

McAdvenville, North Carolina is proclaimed to be Christmas Town, USA.  The McAdenville Men's Club conceived the idea to decorate the area around the McAdenville Community center in 1956. Nine trees were decorated the first year. Mr. Pharr, owner of Pharr Mills, suggested using red, green and white lights to stay with the colors that represented Christmas. 

Feeling the Christmas spirit, Mr. Pharr later suggested that the trees around the lake be decorated as well as the had a manger scene erected. The number of trees has increased every year, with the number in 2004 being a total of 375.  The trees range in height from 6 feet to more than 90 feet! 

My favorite spot has to be the lake. Situated in the heart of town, the 33 trees lining the lake create an ethereal glow on it's waters. The fountain in the center of the lake glows with the colors of Christmas while shooting water 75 feet into the air.  Old Man Winter looks like he is sending Christmas kisses as he blows snowflakes into the air.  

Town residents get into the spirit of Christmas as they decorate their homes, inviting you into their town and their joyous Christmas spirit and the display of Santa and his reindeer gets the kids excited as they think about the jolly old soul traveling down their chimney on Christmas Eve.  


Christmas Town USA: From the Parents


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